Wednesday, November 01, 2006

after some time

mood: nighttime delirium
soundtrack: Russian Songs 101 Radio

wow, it's been a while since I wrote here for the last time. for the past month and a half I've been overwhelmed with the amount of work there has been. i've been literally tearing myself apart between school work, search for internships, socializing and sleep. can't recall the last time I worked my a$$ off as much.
it's a pity i have barely had any time for personal life while juggling between all these things that are going on around me.
but then there is temporary light at the end of the tunnel. i will be leaving for richmond during thanksgiving. it's unbelievable but i haven't seen val for 2 years now. time really does fly, because i can clearly recall our last meeting. it was in dc, thanksgiving 2004. anyhow, this break is promising as i will be celebrating my birthday in richmond with val, tanya, beslan, kamol and the rest of rcn crew. at the same i will also have to start working on some of my end of semester researches, but let's not talk about them right now.
i've also decided to go home for this winter break. it has been 4 years since i was home for christmas for the last time and this was a big reason for my decision to head to estonia this christmas. i just feel so alienated from my family and going there now would be a good occassion to strenghten my links. at the same time this trip will allow me to relax properly after this intense semester and think through the strategy to secure a worhtwhile experience for the summer. this wouldn't have been possible if i would stay in the states cus my stay would involve constant movement from one place to another.
feel like i should perhaps go crash as tomorrow i will need to prepare for the midterm the whole day + meet this russian media figure Kiselev who is coming to Middlebury to speak. oh man, the life here never slows down...


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