Monday, September 04, 2006

viva la spana, joder!

mood: best
soundtrack: some radio in the internet cafe (brian adams?)

we´ve been travellin for 5 days by now. the first day in madrid wasn´t that special except for meeting a nepali guy in an indian restaurant who kept on asking whether it´s possible to stay illegally in the northern europe. and then the next day got slightly fucked over by a cab driver of moldavian origin. he seemed trustworthy and spoke russian but at the end of the day we figured out that we did pay too much. oh well.
that same day we set off for alicante where we stayed in a hostel which essentially was a re-made old spanish house. we´ve met a canadian girl sarah who studied there as an exchange student several years ago. hence she immediately became our guide and the local connection. beers, tapas, beaches etc was all part of the game. we didn´t manage to do much sightseeing but we had good time anyways. on our last day there we´ve met an irish girl who went to the beach with us but she was nothing special.
yesterday we have arrived in andalucia. at the moment we are in granada. this place is absolutely gorgeous. the interplay of the location and history of this place make it unbelievably amazing. it´s a pity i don´t have my camera on me, although then i would have to upload my pictures ten times a day.
another pecularity of the region is the female beauty. i have never seen so many good looking girls gathered in one place. it´s a pity they don´t speak that much english!
anyhow, i´m having a great time and don´t want to go back to middlebury, mwahaha!


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