Tuesday, September 12, 2006

back in u.s, back in u.s.

mood: school again
soundtrack: Erlend Oye - Symptom of Disease

rest of spain
so, i'm back in vermont. the rest of the trip went well, in malaga we met a canadian dude and two superhot german ladies with whom we had amazing time. after that we left for sevilla. the town looked beautiful but after a long trip from malaga we were too exhausted to enjoy it. part of the reason was the fact that we stopped by gibraltar on the way there which was an impressive experience. it's a very small territory with a huge rock in the middle of it surrended by the houses. most of the workers down there are spanish but nevertheless the place has an english feel to it with the pubs, architecture and the accent people speak with. a very curious detail there is the airport. the runaway crosses the main street of the town. so during plane take-offs and landings they just put on the red light and let the plane land. never seen that anywhere else but it's definitely worth a look :)
coming back to sevilla. as we dropped off our car we took a taxi down to the bust station. i was wearing those goddamn shorts with shitty pockets. as we were going out of the car,my cardholder which had all my credit cards in it just fell out and the taxi drove off with it. since it was 30 minutes before the bus, 11 taxi companies in town and because our non-existing spanish skill we decided to move on. i lost all my credit cards and the insurance card. thank god i was with eirik who lent me some money. also, i had some u.s. dollars in the other wallet which was in my bag. thus i survived fine and made it to the states no problem.

absolutely goregous place judging by lisbon. we spent an amazing day in this stylish city at the far end of the iberian peninsula. even though one could hear plenty of foreigners it was far less tourist oriented than spain. hence as opposed to spain, the portugal experience was less commercial. the people are very welcoming and warm but they seem to be much more sincere than the spaniards.
we stayed with a family of vani's portuguese friend. these people were amazing. they gave us hints where to go in town and cooked an amazing dinner in the evening! the dish was called bacalaou - it's a mix of potatoes, onions and codfish baked in the oven. we had that along with some fine portuguese wine. then tried some porto which turned out is much more consumer outside of portugal.
after dinner i stood talking to ana's sister maria who works as a consultant for mckinsey. she had some interesting stories to tell and even though one could see many of them as discouraing from the corporate life, i still want to do it :)

arrival in the states
very brief. met with george in jfk. got wasted before the plane. got my eau de toilette taken away at the security check. slept through the flight. lost my luggage on the way.
three days later it appeared that luisa had taken my backpack by mistake. out of all people, her! sometimes i get a feeling that it's a neverending story. but now it seems ok, i hasn't bumped into her in a while and have no desire to do so. i seem to be getting over her but for some reason i cannot care less about her at this point. we'll see where it'll take us.
wow! that turned out to be a long post, but oh well...more details about the start of the school year later!


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