Sunday, September 17, 2006

america goddamit

mood: stlightly tipsy
soundtrack: Clementine/Stephanie Pompougnac - Morenito (bossa mix)

it's been a week of continuous boozing. i've gone to classes but outside of that i've been drunk every other night. it's cool, but i feel i'm getting enough of this place. these american parties with 18-year old college girls running around are really getting on my nerves. it was fun for two years, but now i feel like i should move on. i'm figuring out that after two years in one place i get bored with it and it doesn't excite me anymore. well, i'll be off to france in the winter which is sort of exciting. i just feel generally down and lazy at this point. guess i should just smoke my evening cigarette and head to bed, cus i'm tired and there's so much fucking work to be done...


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