Monday, August 28, 2006

home goes on

mood: just fine
soundtrack: royksopp - only this moment

so, i've been home for a week now and it has been absolutely fabulous. i've been meeting my old friends every day many of whom have changed, gotten families etc. anyhow, it's a pleasure to see that things don't stand still here. in fact, for a second a thought of coming back crossed my mind but then again i think it's a bit too early at least at this point.
one of the most interesting things that happened to me these days was meeting a soldier from the french foreign legion. this kid is from our town and has been serving in the legion for 4 years now. i met him at this party at vanya's borther's summerhouse. he told me a lot about france. he really dislikes it. the guy has learnt the language and integrated quite well apparently but at one point he started feeling being thrown off. well, he made an effort and didn't like it which is fair enough. the most ironic thing here however is that he's serving for the legion which essentially means that he's protecting the country which he doesn't really like. well, i guess it's some kind of soldier thing, not to question these kind of things. anyhow, we agreed to meet in france when i'm there next spring. he's stationed outside toulouse and we agreed to meet in marseille. the interesting thing is also the fact that he wouldn't talk about the legion, whatever question i would ask he would change the topic. guess it's some kind of promise he gives.
tomorrow i'm off to tallinn and as i found out a friend of mine works as a project manager at a construction of the tallest building in the capital, so i'll go to see that. and afterwards, there's a birthday party that i'll need to attend.


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