Tuesday, August 15, 2006


mood: relieved
soundtrack: Manu Chao
- Cahi En La Trampa

today I recited a poem by Paul Verlaine and it officially marked the end of homework for me and symbolically the end of the french school. well, i still have classes tomorrow, but there's no work and i suddenly find myself with a load of free time which needs to be filled.
since i'm completely broke, the option of drinking or doing anything involving money falls off. hence, i'm mostly reading and watching movies. alone. as all my friends are either working or are in the middle of exams :)
i'm following the news on the regular basis again, as well as watching movies which i've been planning to watch for a while now. tonite, it'll be Kin-Dza-Dza...russian movie...not yet sure what it is about, but apprently a skillful critique of the soviet regime which managed to slip by the critics eyes during the grand red times.
in less than a week i'll be at home sweet homeā€¦keeping my fingers crossed that i won't loose any luggage nor miss any connections as the security seems to be getting very tight after the latest events in uk. once i'm home, i will need to start my spain trip plan. my dad told me he has a roadmap of europe, so i guess all is left is to pick up a lonely planet or one of these guides to plot the initial itinerary. exciting times are almost there!


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