Thursday, August 24, 2006

back in europe

mode: home sweet home :))
soundtrack: some russian radio

i've been in estonia for four days only and already so many things have happened. in fact, by now i have driven through most of the country. on tuesday i went to saaremaa (an island east of the estonian mainland) to meet ross and his family. they came there after their tour of russia and belarus. we stayed at this spa and they were really happy with their visit as according to them estonia has gone a long way from the ussr times as opposed to russia and belarus. we went out on saaremaa with ross and his sister - drank a lot but didn't get too drunk, probably because of the sea climate. and then next day we headed to parnu resorts and returned to tallinn where i put them on the plane.
next i went to see vano (the newly-married dude) who is staying with his wife at the in-laws' house. we went to sauna and then barbequed and drank. i missed vano. it was great to sit down with him and drink until 5 am while talking about the most random stuff. and as usually we woke up at 3pm next day, when i went to a hair dresser and headed home where i am right now.
tomorrow, i'm here and on the weekend i'll be off for some family times involving fishing etc. also vano's brother invited me to join them at their summerhouse. i'm definitely going to go. one of his friends is part of the french foreign legion, so it will be very interesting to meet him as well as everybody else.
anyhow, some busy days are coming up right here.
i've gotten a roadmap from my dad and have started slowly planning our route in spain. i can't wait! this will definitely be exciting! more updates coming soon as the vacation will progress!


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