Sunday, August 06, 2006

2 weeks to go

mood: hangover motivation
soundtrack: Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag

another week has passed and i find myself realizing that i'll be home in 2 weeks. in fact, i haven't been that happy about going home in a while. maybe it's because many things have happened since my last visit and i feel tired. i had the greece experience, then i came to middlebury, had to sort out personal life and then this language immersion program. i've also been feeling that i started to get closer with my parents. i spoke to them today and they are at least as excited about me coming. it will also be nice because i will get to take it easier with drinking. since last february i've been boozing almost every day and it's getting kind of tiring by now. also,vanya is getting married next weekend and i feel sad for not being able to go. i hope i will get to spend some time with him once i'm in estonia - because my visit this year will be rather short - 10 days only.
on a different note - i was reading about castro the other day. ol' fidel really doesn't seem to be doing that well and i'm wondering what's going to happen if they announce a fatal scenario for him. u.s. is already seem to be getting ready for a revolution, but my gut feeling is that with Raul taking the power, we would see the regime decline but not a whole lot. one cannot forget that there's chavez in venezuela who is all about socialism in latin america. hence, i think we will not see that many drastic changes but definitely a strong exchange of signals between americans and venezuela. finally, i wanted to leave you with this article about Raul Castro and opinions from the world press "The International Spotlight is on Fidel Castro's Successor"


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