Sunday, July 30, 2006

weekend in montreal

mood: i'm out of bed & dressed - what more do u want?
soundtrack: Magic Systeme - C Cho, Ca Brule

this weekend i got to take it exceptionally easy with the language pledge. almost everybody in the program went to montreal for the weekend and i had to stay here since i didn't have a visa. obviously we drank on both friday and saturday night.
nothing really exciting happened on friday night.
on saturday night we decided to go to burlington to change the venue and the faces. we had a nice dinner in one of the restaurants on the church street and then set out looking for entertainment. unfotunately the party we were supposed to go got cancelled and we had improvise. after asking some bypassers, we had figured out that one of the best venues downtown is club metronome. we arrive there and learn that it's 70s night...given we didn't have much of a choice, we took what came our way. as we went in there i was slightly shocked by this establishment. it's was a really old place with no a/c, loud-ass music and a "barish" kind of thing in the corner. but 5 of us did party our asses off until we became so sweaty that it was impossible to move without splashing the sweat around. then we left and came back to campus.
the more i visit the nightclubs and parties here in the states, the more i realize how lame are the partying habits here. i mean if people are happy with dirty venues, 2 o'clock closures, cheap-ass beer and people around them dressed into god knows what, then it tells me something. anyhow, it seems like the people know how to work, but got no idea how to party properly..


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